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How to Keep Mosquitoes away while Camping

Seldom can any camper be free from the bothering of mosquitoes. As not welcomed guests, mosquitoes can bring many unpleasant experiences. Though there is not absolutely effective way to block them, there are ways to reduce this to its lowest degree.

Details on how to keep mosquitoes out: 


mosquitoes proof outdoor gear

What the Best Length for Trekking Poles

As an essential outdoor gear, trekking poles play important roles in trekking and hiking. There are lots to concern for the right use of this device. One of the most crucial aspects is about the right length. For different types for trekking poles, there are varied ways for figuring out the most suitable length.

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How to Carry Water While Hiking

A wonderful hiking experience involves full preparation of different aspects. You will need to bring the right outdoor gear; you should have enough to feed yourself. And there shall be no worry for lack of drinking water. Since dehydration in the journey will lead to miserable experience. It’s important to make sure you can get reach to enough drinkable water. There are different ways to make it possible. One is to find water resource during the journey and the other is to carry water. For the first method, it’s merely a luck thing. And to carry water while hiking is more ensured. There are several ways to carry water as below.

Backpacking Water Container

Collapsible camping water container: there are many qualified outdoor water containers. They are generally made of environment-friendly plastic. They are inexpensive and light in weight and take up little space when packed up. Capacities change from 5L to 25L. They are ideal choice for carrying water from one water source to the campsite. It’s convenient to use since there is sprout to running water. And it’s very easy and simple to wash and get dried.

Outdoor water bottle: compared with above water container, water bottle is generally smaller with around 750ml-1L capacity. Since they are specially designed for outdoors, they are generally tough with scratching and cracking resistant features. In real practice, it’s better to use two water bottles altogether. On one hand, two bottles of water are enough to cover about 10 miles of distance; on the other hand, they can be hung at both sides of the backpack to keep balance. It’s best choice for short distance backpacking and less dry areas.

Hydration water bladder: it makes drinking really easy. You can simply drink through the bladder. There is no need for you to stop. But generally they are high in cost and not easy to be cleaned.

There is not one-fit-for-all water carrier for all hiking situations. You can either choose based on the hiking condition or use several carriers altogether.

Three Ways to Identify Outdoor Polarized Sunglasses

To enjoy a wonderful outdoor experience, it’s necessary to bring some essential outdoor gear. Different activities require different equipment. For instance, camping tent is needed for camping etc. But there is one device that’s necessary for every kind of outdoor activity. It is the outdoor sunglasses. Among the millions sunglasses in the market, best value polarized sunglasses are the ideal choice for outdoors.

Polarized sunglasses men women.jpg

Polarized sunglasses filter strong reflective light and scattering light, making the view more visible and comfortable for people to see. And a pair of qualified polarized sunglasses is able to absorb 99% of the UVA and UVB. It provides the best protection for the eyes and becomes the optimized option for outdoor activities such as driving, fishing, skiing and travelling.


It is sometimes confusing for people to choose the most suitable polarized sunglasses from so many sunglasses available in the market. Luckily there are three simple ways for you to tell part real polarized sunglasses from poor ones.


The first one is to check the sunglasses logo carefully. Generally speaking, for polarized sunglasses, there will always be a static marking that indicates the lens material of the sunglasses. Or under other cases, it will specify clearly that it is polarized sunglasses.


The second one is to test with polarized sheet. There are specially processed pictures in the sheet that can only be detected and revealed by viewing through polarized glasses. If you can see the pictures that can’t be identified by naked eyes with the sunglasses, then the glasses belongs to the polarized type.


The third one is to judge based on the display principle of a LCD screen. Observe the mobile phone screen through sunglasses and then rotate the screen. If you find that the screen turns black, you are using a pair of polarized sunglasses, it is because the polarized lens filters one directed light of the screen.


Make sure you enjoy every journey with best prepared device. For sunglasses, you can use the above three methods to figure out whether it’s the best value polarized sunglasses for you.



Three Reasons Why You Can’t Leave Bike Bells Behind

Cycling is becoming more and more popular both as a way for commuting and recreation. It is not only more environmental-friendly but also makes you more fit. Of course, you need the right cycling accessories such as suitable cycling clothing, cycling helmet to have a more comfortable and safer cycling experience. Some people may wonder whether it’s necessary to have bike bells to ride a bike. Though there are different practices in different areas whether a bell shall be installed. There are three compelling reasons why you should have a bike bell.

Novelty bike bell.jpg

First of all, it is a device to ensure safety ride. In an area where the road is wide with few people, you may go ahead without any fear of hitting any one. But most of the time, there will be crowd streets and there will be people around, you can never go straightly ahead without any such fear and it will be quite a hilarious experience to draw people’s attention with your own throat. Thus it’s necessary to have a trouble saving loud electrical bell on your bike.

Secondly, it can be used as a decoration for your bike. There are lots of different bike bells available in the market. They are of different shape. There is novelty bike bell made after some cartoon characters; there are some small enough to be invisible; and there are others specially designed to match with your bike. No matter what kind of shape they are, they will always add fun to your cycling experience.

Thirdly, most bike bells are not only a loud speaker. There are lots of other functions added. Some bells integrate a compass into it; some bells can also be used as a rear bike light. What a cool experience it will be to have some many functions embedded in just one small device.

No matter whether it is law in your area to have a bike bell or not, you can always find a reason to have one on your bike.

How to Select Freshwater Fishing Line

Fishing rod and fishing line are among the most important fishing tackle list. They play important roles in helping landing ideal fish. Many people know enough concerning the selection of right fishing rod and less is known about the fishing line. Thus the following part will concentrate on the selection of most suitable fishing line.

Firstly, choose based on different weather. In early spring and winter when the temperature is relatively low, fish tend to be less active. For fishing at this time, thin fishing line shall be preferred over thick ones. With the increasing of temperature, fish are becoming more active at larger spaces. At this time, you can gradually change to thicker fishing line.

Secondly, select the color based on the color of water of fishing area. For clear water, transparent or gray fishing line works well; for darker water, milky fishing line is better; for fishing areas where there are lots of weed, fishing line with multi colors is better. The key point is to choose the color that is similar to the water of fishing area.

Thirdly, test the quality. The quality shall be tested both from inside and outside. Check whether the surface is smooth enough, whether it’s elastic. If necessary, you shall pull it to figure out its tension.

So long as you follow the above several aspects to choose, you will always be pleased at the fishing result.